So apparently the US and France are finally close to agreeing to a UN Draft Resolution on enforcing a ceasefire in the Middle East. And now, the Lebanese government has apparently rejected any potential ceasefire agreements until the Israeli Army withdraws from Lebanon. All this, as more and more civilians die on both sides.

On the other hand, we had a million Shiites march down the streets of Baghdad the other day expressing their support for Hezbollah – and some wearing white shrouds symbolizing purity through martyrdom.

So now we are in this situation, where a Shiite majority Iraqi governement is supported and bolstered by the United States in Iraq – a governement where a majority are sympathetic to the Hezbollah. As are the people they are governing. On the other hand, you have Israel bombing the life out Lebanon – probably spawning even more radical thinking. And the United States, at least complicitly, giving the go-ahead for that. And then you have Syria and Iran – which are very partial to the Hezbollah. And Iran is going full steam building nukes.

Israel, owing to its rather strategically short-sighted bombing and subsequent decimation of Lebanon, is probably one of the most isolated countries in the world. And the United States, is in this piquant position of supporting the Shiites in Iraq and supporting bombing them in Lebanon. And Iraq, is now, a hair’s breath from an all out civil war.

So what have you? A mess. A mess of monumental proportions, where arrogance, short sighted strategies are creating a situation that is now, really getting very dangerous.