Apparently all leads of the planned attack lead to Pakistan. At least two of the conspirators apparently went to Pakistan for training. And subsequently received funds from there for “project expenses”.

However, as I read through the news articles, it seems to me that even with everything happening, western intelligence agencies dont necessarily treat Kashmiri terrorist groups that thrive all over Pakistan in the same league as – let’s say – Al Qaeda. While there is increasing recognition that all these disparate groups have very diffused boundaries and agendas – there doesnt just seem to be same world pressure on Pakistan on curtailing the activities of these groups.

As an example, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, was placed under house arrest in Pakistan for a month – but actions like these are typically very symbolic. A month later, Mr. Saeed will be out, representing another organization, raising money for “freedom fighters” in Kashmir.

For some western intelligence organizations, terrorist groups operating out of Kashmir seems so far removed from reality of the immediate threat that a holistic response to all terror doesnt logically blend into their activities of battling these groups globally. But there needs to be a realization – a terrorist – who kills a group of tourists from West Bengal in Srinagar on one day, will, gleefully, kill a Daniel Pearl on another day.

Because these guys really have no agenda. I am not saying this in the Fox News way. If I have an agenda that I am passionate about to start hurting other people – it needs to supercede religion. And to all these terrorist groups – religion supercedes agenda. And in that very act, their agenda, even if some are legitimate, get overlooked.