To continue with my thoughts around Aug 15th, there are specific things I wanted to write about here.


I realize its rather passe to be writing about this kind of thing – but everyday, after I come back from work and switch on the news, I realize there is so many things for us Indians, to be thankful about.

An open society, a progressive press, a democracy (albiet sometimes obtrusively dirty, disgusting and insultingly asinine). A place where I can be educated and compete very successfully against the best the “First World” has to offer. A place where a majority religious right party gets voted out of power even though they try to convince 85% of the population that they are the only salvation against the threat posed by the other 15%. A place which is home to a billion people – and yet, for the most part, live in peace.


I dont know why India is so fundamentally different from all our neighbours – with who we do share many cultural similarities. Maybe, its the people themselves. We have, after all been a very tolerant and accepting society (sometimes more so to outsiders than we are to our own). Maybe its the fundamentals of a modern society that Nehru strove to instill in the Indian psyche. Maybe its the predominant Hindu philosophy of life of everything being linked to “karma” – which makes an Indian to be less in conflict with his or her immediate circumstances, no matter how detrimental – because its attributed to “kismat”.


Dont know what it is. All I do know is when any nation goes though any kind of transformation – as India is going through today – one tends to look and rationalize. And as finally, at the ripe old age of 60, as India begins to flex its metaphorical muscle – I just wanted to understand.


And hopefully as I understand more, it will only make a case for the fact – that this is only the beginning.


And finally, India, will keep its “Tryst with Destiny” like that idealist of a man promised, that memorable midnight, 60 years ago.