What I have been writing for a long time. According to a Time magazine article, there seems to be some connections now between Maulana Masood Azhar, one of India’s most wanted terrorists and a guy called “Rashid Rauf, 25, who Pakistani intelligence officers fingered early on as a “key suspect,” is married to Azhar’s brother”.

Now this Azhar guy, for the historically uninformed, was released as a result of the hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight that was taken to Khandahar. His career subsequently went into high gear and now he is the leader of this group – Jaish-e-Mohammad. Until recently, these jokers used to operate with impunity from Pakistan – till he was linked to an assassination attempt on Musharraf – at which point, he was compelled to go into hiding. I guess a terrorist is a good terorrist – till they blow up innocent Indians and suddenly become dangerous once they start snapping at their masters. Well atleast, one cant accuse Mushy dear of any kind of strategic long term thinking. Well, not a surprise – since he is the head honcho of an army that eats up 15% of its country’s resources and has yet to win a single war (whose last adventure in Kargil – and the subsequent whipping it received from the Indian Army has officially made it to the “Most Moronic Military Maneuvers”)

Anyways, to get back to my point, it just underscores what I have been writing on this forum for the longest time – terrorism need to be dealt with holistically. For far too long, the western world has semi-ignored the different Kashmiri terrorist groups – because the perception was that they didnt directly hurt western interests – and Indian interests didnt really count. No assumption can be more dangerous. This ilk will hurt India. Will hurt the United States. Will hurt Israel. Even their own fellow co-religionists if they in any way, differ from their ideology of life and God.

If Pakistan can be asked to make a volte-face on the Taliban after September 11th – the same should be impressed unequivocally to Pakistan about the presence of Kashmiri terrorist groups on their soil – there is absolutely no excuse for Mushy to be standing on August 14th – the day when Pakistan was born – and proudly proclaim – that Pakistan would keep providing support to Kashmiris.

Moral support for what Mushy? To blow up innocent people going to work on trains? Disgusting. There is a reason your country is close to being a failed state.