I read an article recently on how human beings are the sole living beings whose brains actually have the power to ponder on their own existence. The only species. Apparently, it has to do with a genetic mutation that happens in the 9th week of conception.

Sad, mutation notwithstanding, so many of my fellow human beings go through life without the least amount of meaningful ratiocination. Incredible.

Which leads me to another point – the more we ponder on our existence – the further we move from our natural state. For e.g. if a horse suddenly developed an innate ability to ponder on its life, would it run around all day aimlessly – eating, shitting and running some more. Probably not. It would probably stop and ponder about life – about the grass, where all the running is leading it, its all probably useless anyways and then it would get depressed – and stop running and just grow overweight:)

Moral of the story – All human athletes have less than a completely developed brain….:)