I paraphrase the title of this post from an article referenced later in the post. I have been writing quite a lot about this topic – about how the western world seems to suffer from a tunnel vision when it comes to evaluating the terror attacks that happen in India – somehow it doesnt seem to be perceived at the same level of outrage as opposed to when an attack happens in, lets say – London or Madrid.I didnt know this but read this – and I quote from this article

Take US assistant secretary of state Richard Boucher’s comments after the Mumbai blasts. He suggested that the US had not seen any evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in the blasts. “I think we need to be led by the evidence before we start drawing conclusions and make policy pronouncements on it (Mumbai blasts). So that will be our attitude, and I think that should be the attitude of others as well,” Boucher reportedly said.”

The article goes on to describe how it sparked off diplomatic sniping with Navtej Sarna (who is usually a rather laconic personality) quipping (and I quote from the same article)

The US was part of the St Petersburg (G-8) statement. If you see any inherent contradiction in any statements coming out of that (US) government, you have to address that government.”

Read the article and draw your own conclusions – especially if you are one of those folks who only get their staple of news from mainstream American media.

The gist is this: To fight this scour of terrorism, one needs to look beyond a purely national strategic vision. A terrorist attack in India (or even for that matter in Pakistan) needs to be treated exactly as a terrorist attack would be in the western world. Because the perpetrators of such acts, are not constrained by any geographical or ideological causes. They will kill Kashmiris and Klingons.They will kill Americans and Armenians. They will harm anyone who disagrees with them. And the only way to deal with these people is to understand that there can be no compartmentalization, no asinine diplomacy. We need to build bridges with the Islamic world – yes – but we also need strategies that makes it clear that no quarter will be granted. By anyone. To any of this kind.