Couldn’t resist writing about the pope comment controversy. Much has been said and I dont really need to rehash what happened – but the incident sadly exemplifies all that is increasingly going wrong in the world today.

Initially I was rather surprised to see that such a speech actually made it by the Vatican Public Relations folks – but then as I thought about it, I began to realize that it was probably intentional.

At times like these, what can be a bigger headline grabber than the Pope quoting a medieval king commenting about a religion he is crusading against. My personal theory is that this has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. I think its a very calculated move on the part of the Vatican to re-energize the base.

At a time when church memberships are falling to perilous levels in Europe – what better way to revitalize the flock – than to talk about Islam derogatorily, let the muslim masses respond violently all over the world and then sit back and let the media do the rest. In the divided world we currently live in, such an event would automatically further polarize the masses on the lines of religion and race, and hopefully from the Vatican’s perspective, in the Roman Catholic Church.

Just my conspiracy theory – but I dont see any other logic why the head of the Catholic church would go around quoting some 14th century king’s opinion on Islam. And the Vatican, as history has shown, is not above some pretty low machinations to achieve its end.