So Mushy the moron has outdone even himself this time. He is out full force promoting his new memoir – ” In the Line of Fire” all across town and late night comedy shows. He was on Conan O’Brien predicting an electoral loss of both Bush and Osama – if they went head to head in rural Pakistan. As if he knew anything about elections. And even more bizarrely, in a joint press conference with Bush, he was asked a question around the whole controversy of Richard Armitage threatening the Pakis immediately post 9/11 – to bomb them back to the stone age – and his reply was that the details were in his book – and that they should buy it to get the details!

Anyways, so coming back to his memoirs, as most things with Mushy – its so ridiculous – it makes one obviously t wonder how he ever made the head of state of a country. Apparently, this is the absolute first time when a sitting head of state has ever written a memoir – and then marketing it in such an obvious fashion. It is quite amazing literally to see this happening – there was some commentary in the mainstream press about the inappropriateness of the whole thing – but I think, to a large extent, everyone is maintaining a dignified diplomatic silence. While Mushy goes around different late night talk shows – and declaring why they should buy the book. Amazing.

Now, about the accuracy. From folks who have had previews, Mushy talks about everything starting from 911 and the war on terror ( and his subsequent volte face – from being a Taliban lover to a Taliban basher), from the failed Agra summit to Kargil ( which apparently he says was a successful mission), from AQ Khan ( who, hilariously, according to him, provided centrifuge technology to India’s nuclear program) etc.

So all in all, it should be an entertaining book  – a kind of book one reads and has a good laugh and wonders how such a man could have ever made it to the head of state (we all know how he did that…:))

A final thought – I was listening to an NPR program, where someone said Mushy is a great tactician – he knows how to hold on to his power (case in point: his recent peace accord with the northwest tribes) – but he’s a disastrous strategist. And if Pakistan is going to succeed as a nation, what it needs is a strategist and not a short term tactician.