Yet another gunman entered a small Amish school in Pennsylvania and shot three kids and critically injured three others – he told his wife he was doing so because of “something that happened twenty years ago” that led him to want to kill young girls. Read about it here
So that led me to start thinking about this school shooting thing – this is the third such incident in a week.  Young lives snuffed out because some kid decides that he’s had enough of being picked on. Or like today, some middle aged man thinks he needs to shoot a few kids execution style to get over some emotional problem he thinks he has from twenty years ago.

I have a theory. As general affluence increases in a society and consequently the day to day worries of basic sustenance in life becomes secondary in importance – human  beings have a tendency of replacing those basic worries with imagined ails and issues.  Also, with increased affluence a society becomes more permissive of failings – because it becomes more resource equipped to mitigate the shortcomings. So if I am a really bad student in the United States – I don’t have to worry about starving – because I can still flip burgers in McDonald’s and buy a beat up Toyota. However, in a developing country when its a simple survival of the fittest – where you everyone around you and a million other people are vying and fighting for the same resources you want – you automatically lean up for the competition.

And hence, after a threshold of affluence in a society, mediocrity and social dysfunctionality become increasingly acceptable  – and when that happens in a society in general – what happens is the worst of the lot perpetrate acts like this.

Because, I haven’t heard of school shootings like this anywhere in the world. Beslan was probably the most famous of school shootings – but it was perpetrated by insane people who thought they were espousing a political idea. I haven’t heard of another incident, literally,  where people would kill school children for nothing more than a perceived personal issue.

Just makes one immensely sad about the state of the world, the society. And for those small innocent Amish kids whose lives abruptly ended for no tangible reason.