Outlook has turned eleven years old. Anyone who has ever read this blog will know that a lot of my references come from this magazine – in my opinion, Outlook represents all that is well in English language journalism in our country. Incisive political and social arguments, wonderfully written, humourous, touching personal diaries that bring that smile of wistfulness – in my case, most often,when I read Vinod Mehta’s Delhi Diary.

Outlook has tried not denigrating into what a majority of Indian newspapers have now devolved to – a cross between serious news reporting and sensational tabloidism. Consequently, it remains, one of the most insightful and relevant news magazines to read in the English language in India.
Vinod Mehta writes about something I have written about sporadically – the multiple faces of our country as he talks about the eleven years of Outlook Magazine – in this devilishly wonderful piece.

Good work guys – keep it up. To save us from the rediffs and that dangerously aweful entity – timesofindia.com