So to continue with my previous post on my experience with Sprint’s EVDO service while on an Acela Express from New York to Washington DC’s Union Station.

For those who have read my earlier review on my experience with Sprint’s EVDO service while taking the train from New Jersey to Boston – they would remember how overall, I was very happy with the performance save a few no-coverage areas – very sporadic and rare. If I were to rate that experience 6.5/10 – I would rate my experience from New York to Washington DC – 8/10.

In other words, it was astounding – even I, with my evangelical devotion to the future of EVDO, I didnt think Sprint would have built out their high speed network so completely in this sector. To give readers an idea – apart from exactly one time – for about 30 seconds, in a high speed moving train – I was completely on EVDO (as far as I know) – and not just that – the signal strength was always – and I kid you not – always more than 3 bars. Very impressive indeed.

During the 3 hour train ride or so – I sent out about 15 emails, received more than 30, updated my blog, browsed the internet for plane tickets for my trip next week to the client site, submitted my time and expenses and read my daily dose of news. All in all, three hours used much more productively than I would have – had I not had the card.

That said, I am a little disappointed I got the card already – because now, Sprint is not only giving out a free card (after mail in rebates ) but you actually get an EVDO Rev A capable card.

Anyways, all in all, I am overall a very satisfied camper with my Sprint EVDO service (atleast in the Northeast) – which is not what I can say about my Treo 700p after about two months of use. And certainly not what I can say about Sprint’s dreaded customer service. But then, that is for another day and another post.

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