According to cricinfo, Darrell Hair, the cricket umpire who caused the controversy sorrounding the last Test Match between England and Pakistan – has officially been relieved of his duties of officiating international cricket matches going forward by the ICC.

According to cricinfo – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the West Indies voted in favour of removing Darrell Hair. And England, Australia and New Zealand voted against it.

My first reaction on reading this news was the thought of how the voting blocs were split. Simply put, the white cricketing nations voted against removing Darrell. The non-white nations (including the Asian bloc that tabled the motion) voted for removing him. That simple.

And now, because of the financial clout of the South Asian nations – such a move could not be ignored.

But thinking more broadly than just the issue – I realize how much of a chism that essentially exists in the world today – essentially, as a bottomline – based on the racial divide.

Darrell Hair courted a lot of controversy. The man was responsible for repeatedly no-balling Muralitharan and Shoaib Akhtar. The merits of the case isnt the question here. What I wanted to write about was how, from the most trivial to the most profound of world affairs, it seems like the world is torn, not only by religion, but also,increasingly, by race.

Anyways, good thing Hair is gone – atleast the Indian cricket team wont have that excuse when it loses to everyone it plays against.

PS: Australia and West Indies will play the final of the Champions Trophy in India. I put my money on Australia. And yes, I am a conservative investor:)

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