Here we go again……

I have written in this forum and my personal blog about my opinions of that class of people that always seem have this absolute moral clarity. A kind of no questions asked – I am always right. I always believe the right things; if you don’t – you haven’t figured it out yet. And most dangerously – there is a black and there is a white. In everything in the world. And the world somehow, is that simple.

And in that category, is Rev. Ted Haggard, an Evangelical Christian – actually the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, no less. A strident conservative in his own right. A pro-family man who was wanted to safeguard “the wholesome family life” and hence was obviously anti-gay.

And today, it turned out – he’s been alleged to have had an affair with a gay prostitute for 3 years, bought Meth (though he claims he didn’t use it). And no, it wasn’t his conscience – it was the gay prostitute who came out – miffed at the fact that he was so anti-gay during the day and banging him during the night!

Another instance – of those who shout the loudest – don’t necessarily hold the strongest views. Those who preach, don’t necessarily practice themselves. Those who see the world in black/white, good/bad etc – are simplifying things for their own consumption. And make it easy for the hoards of idiots called the masses to believe in them.

And in its worst manifestation, its positively dangerous.I can go on – this is extremely personal for me – but you can read the story here

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