According to US News and World Report (October 23rd 2006), recently in a sting operation in Italy, 50 legislators were invited to participate in a show called Le Iene (or The Hyenas) to talk about the budget. Since politicans (or most people for that matter) love to be on TV and didnt want to pass up a chance – they all congregated in the “Studios”. Each was “dabbed” for prespiration before the show began – and then – the dabs were sent to narcotics labs to be tested for drug use within the last 36 hours. Results: 12 tested positive for cannabis and 4 for cocaine – in the last 36 hours!

Though Italy’s privacy board didnt let the names be made public – the show was essentially to depict the legislative hypocricy after the parliament voted to toughen Italy’s drug laws…:)

So there goes again – proof of my hypothesis. Its easier to shout from rooftops about supposed qualities – much more difficult to practice it yourself. And, the guiltiest of the lot, shout the loudest.

I am a religious Christian and hence anti gay – but really, I hump a male prostitute in real life while snorting meth. I dont really care about money – but hey, I want everything I can get from you; I am anti-drugs – and will punish any violater severely – but I’ll snort away to glory in the privacy of my own home.

The list can go on. And on….

And the hypocrisy is so sickening, so all pervasive, so ingrained in our psyches and popular culture – it is almost funny…

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