Its official guys. Just downloaded and installed the latest version of Performancing 1.3.5 – and Blogspot support has officially been removed. Sorry, I was wrong – and I stand corrected. The thing is, when you add a blog – you have to detect your blog url (using a button at the bottom) to get the option of adding a blogger blog. I still have to post there. Will update accordingly.

The only other difference I have found in my five minutes of fiddling around with the tool is that now its integrated with Firefox – what that means as a practical user is that now, when I use the text input area of Performancing – the built-in spell check of Firefox 2.0 works with the text typed here.

And that is something I have wanted for a long time. Other than that ( and some superficial GUI differences ) – I don’t see anything major.

Will report as I get more hands’ on time on this.

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