Incase, there is some fortunate soul out there – who has yet to apply the new firmware upgrade for the Merlin s620 – please dont.

I am a sucker for these kind of things – upgrades, patches etc. And I upgraded to the new firmware last week and its been nothing but pain ever since.

I keep getting disconnected every 5 minutes (to the point I can now predict exactly when my connection is going to go down), there has been absolutely no performance improvement even when I am online- so not sure what the patch was intended to achieve in the first place.

So if you are even thinking of flashing your firmware with the new version – my advice to you would be – dont. Sprint, I am sure, will hear about this – and release a patch to a patch pretty soon.

More on this – as I work my card in an EVDO region ( currently in an Rx1TT area – where the above behaviour is being exhibited.)

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