So exactly what social behaviours inherent in us led to YouTube being such a runaway success. What is it that motivates millions of people – young and old – to create videos to share with the entire world? What similarities are there with the blogging phenomenon?

To answer these questions, I first, looked into myself – to understand – why do I blog? I write in two separate blogs – one a personal, upclose view of my life and my thoughts and this one – which has more to do with the day to day issues that excite or interest me. But what do I get out of it – after spending hours of writing on these forums. And by extension, what do those people, on YouTube, who spend hours making,editing, uploading videos of their cats, their dogs, their sexuality, their trips to different places get out of it.

Is it just that simple answer of the immense human need to want to create? Similar to why a painter would paint. Or a writer – write. The best do it just for the love of their vocation – because it excites them, it motivates them, makes them bigger than themselves. Or is it the subconscious need to be recognized, acknowledged and respected by one’s peer group – of people of same interests. Or maybe its a bit of both.

I am no social psychologist – so for me to assume I know the exact answer to these questions – would border on presumptiousness.

But ultimately – YouTube, mySpace, Orkut, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr or any of the million other forums on the Internet – are just that – channels that serve as platforms to let people do what they passionately enjoy doing and sharing it with the world – as a metaphor – it is a creative and intellectual race-course – where everyone has the same set of enabling tools – it is up to them how to use it.

Afterall, I and the most successful blogger on WordPress have the exact same set of enablers. The differentiator is that he or she writes and engages readers much more effectively than I do.

So when a self-professed movie director puts his video on YouTube or the next Man Booker prize winner pens something on a blog site – it is with the same motivation – to show the world what they are capable of – get feedback; and in some cases respect.

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