For anyone who has watched Borat – remember the scene when Borat gets picked up in a trailer by some college kids on a road trip – then talk trash, get drunk and eventually, after he learns that Pamela Anderson isnt exactly a pure virgin he wants to take as a bride, gets heartbroken and subsequently, really drunk.

Well, it turns out that those guys have apparently sued the studios for apparently being “duped” into making those statements- in the lawsuit they say, they were made to believe that they were being shot for a documentary outside the United States – as if that would make their bigoted, ignorant, sexist statements more legitimate. (For the benefit of those who have not watched the movie – they go ranting around how slavery was a good thing, about how women deserve to be sex slaves etc etc. You get the picture.)

My point is if these people suffer mental duress, they need to suffer mental duress. If they suffer “material losses” – it is just as well that they do.

This culture of suing for mistakes and choices you make in life, this culture of everything being excusable and not taking accountability is one of the biggest social banes of this country.

Frankly, it sickens me that a bunch of privileged, uncouth, drunk, bigoted morons – can sue the movie company for essentially just letting them say what they believed in all along.

Anyways, my personal theory about why Borat, being the kind of rather offensive, crude comedy it is, did so well is because it brings out, what most people, in parts believe. And it brings it out without holding any punches back – which is why people are disgusted and are attracted to it at the same time.

All in all, Borat is a funny movie that isn’t funny.

And to hell with those trailer guys. They got what they deserved.

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