As is customary, Indian cricket is in doldrums yet again. After months of showing promise, in what was touted as an emblem of the new, confident, self assured India – our “boys of blue” are back to doing what they do best – uninspiring, tepid cricket – losing to whomever they are pitted against – and in the process, yet again, causing a lot of blues to our cricket crazy nation.

As the author writes this, India has lost yet another ODI in South Africa very tamely. The issue has been discussed in the Indian Parliament and Dilip Vengsarkar has been promptly dispatched to communicate to the captain the “feelings of the nation”.

Of course, that isn’t going to do a whole lot of good to a team that is basically inept on the cricketing field (save those glorious moments every two years or so) and very adept in any other profession apart from playing the game – specifically around modelling for and endorsing soaps, toothpastes, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, colas and kachhas.

India should stick to being cricket regulators – we do that rather well. We bring a lot of revenue to the game, we can mobilize world opinion to fire errant umpires, we can take on ICC head to head on broadcast rights – we do all that very well.

But unfortunately, when it comes to playing the game – we are a flash in the pan at best and an utter disgrace at worst.

Here’s signing off on my undying support to the Indian Cricket Team after 31 years of endless, unquestioning support.


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