According to, 42% of all online users in India read blogs. Apparently, 49% of all users read blogs for reasons of “entertainment”.  There are a lot of esoteric statistics about the phenomenon of Indian blogging – but I’ll leave that to the article reproduced below.

What I find heartening is that MSN and Windows Live actually wrote up a report titled Blogging India – which I am assuming is based on real research and polls.

Reproducing the article below from here. (

India’s blogosphere is driven by youth and a
passion for self-improvement and entertainment with 42 pre cent of
online users reading blogs to stay informed about world events; 49 per
cent citing entertainment as the main reason they read blogs, and blogs
written by business leaders ranking as the most interesting, states an
MSN and Windows Live report titled Blogging India.

Indian research also highlighted that while growing in popularity in
India the blogging community is still nascent with only 14 per cent of
India’s netizens actively blogging while 39 per cent was aware of blogs.

blogosphere is heavily dominated by men; three quarters (76 per cent)
of its bloggers are male. India’s blogosphere is also fueled by young
adults with 54 per cent of bloggers between the ages of 25-34, 32 per
cent under 25, and 15 per cent over 35.

report also states that around 87 per cent spend up to five hours per
week reading blogs or updating them while half of all blogs receive 10
visitors or less a week (the long-tail effect).

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