For those who want to understand what I am saying, read Rediff or Times of India. Rediff, I can understand – it is afterall not really an online newspaper – its more of a portal that has a bit of everything – including what they would like to pass of as “news”. But the Times of India fails all logic.

For one of the most oldest, respected and venerable newspapers of India (indeed, an institution of English language print journalism in the country), to have a web presence that is so shallow, sensational, trivial and indeed tabloid-ish is bewildering.

Is it because most of the Non Resident Indian population all over the world are really this superficially interested in the happenings in the motherland? Or is it because the newspaper does not want to cannibalize its own incumbent market for the print edition – and hence consciously decides to print trash in the online version. I don’t know. And I cant figure it out.

To give you a sample. News as of 4.06 PM CST:

Headline 1: Leaving motherland: India’s GenNext leads the world
Headline 2:Punjabi “belly twins” rock Hollywood
Headline 3: Britain’s first brown political pinup
Headline 4: Indian origin girl crowned Miss Great Britain
Headline 5: Indians: Pride of all-new MTV generation
Headline 6: Tada judge hits a six, reaches 100
Headline 7: Mauritius realty player eyes Indian buyers
Headline 8: Freedom from money for Gujrati marine

At this point, I am tired of typing – but the point is made. Why? I don’t know. And its so disgusting and all-pervasive that I don’t follow any Indian online newspapers or news magazines apart from Outlook. And consequently am severely constricted in my desi news sources.

Please do leave suggestions in comments if you happen to know of a serious Indian news site. Am frustrated with this dumbed down drivel.

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