Since writing about Indian cricket is getting so tiring, I thought I’d pick up the other sport where India had illusions (and indeed at one point, reality) of being truly great once and just showcase how low we have fallen – field Hockey.

India, in the Asiad in Doha lost to China 2-3. Nothing more needs to be said. In another 10 years, the Chinese will be light years ahead of us – and we’ll lose to them with the regularity with which we lose to the South Koreans now. This is probably the first time India won’t even make it to the Semi-Finals in the Asiad – and the Pakistanis are not even in our group.

At the time of writing, Indians beat Oman 9-0. The only problem is that we have to beat the South Koreans with a big margin to overtake China in the group table. Don’t see how that is going to happen – given the recent record of the Indians.

With the focus of the entire nation on cricket, the traditional spawning grounds of quality hockey players in rural Punjab are running dry -and with training/coaching facilities of the IHF being as they are – expect further slides in the future.