I have refrained from writing about cricket for sometime – must admit it was tempting when India won the first Test Match. But I wanted to wait and watch – see how India performed going forward before I started doing what we Indians do so well – both criticize and eulogize at a drop of a hat.

So we are in the second test now -and as far as my cricketing brains are concerned – India is done for. We conceded a first innings lead of 88 runs – another dreadful batting performance in a pitch conducive to batting – and barring bad weather or a major miracle – we are well on the way to losing this match.

Our cricketing pundits were going gaga over Ganguly’s performance after 2 rather mediocre innings in the first test. Dada has now managed to get two ducks in a row. Nothing surprising there.

As things stand, South Africa, at the end of Day Three are 152 runs ahead with all wickets intact in their second innings. And considering how ineptly India has been batting in the recent past – I would think another 150 runs added to the total lead would be totally beyond their reach in the fourth innings.

We’ll see how it transpires. But however it goes, if India does manage to win – it will inspire little confidence in the batting abilities of this team – South Africa will have to bat really badly and then follow up with an equally bad bowling performance for India to get anywhere from here.