Seems only fitting to put together a list of things that I will always remember 2006 by:

  • My personal story: No comments here
  • Iraq: Went from bad to worse to calamitious
  • India: Went from shining to almost dazzling. Next two to three years will redefine India as we have always known it
  • Indian Cricket Team: Went from mediocre to positively bad
  • Indian Hockey Team: Went from bad to being worse than the cricket team in competitive terms
  • Laxmi Mittal: Went from wealthy to really wealthy. From powerful to a state mover
  • Bollywood: The world stopped and noticed. The most popular movie factory in the world
  • Pakistan: Didnt really go anywhere
  • China: From a behemoth manufacturing center to almost a political challenge
  • Global Warming: This is getting serious. Very very serious
  • Vidya Balan: I fell in love with her. See her interview here
  • My friends: Some people. Very few people
  • Kansas City: My home when I had absolutely none
  • Marriott Hotels: Again, same as above
  • Democratic Party Resurgence in the House and Senate: The inevitable fall of hubris
  • George W Bush: Never have I seen a man hated so much by so many. Not even Saddam. Feel bad for the guy sometimes
  • My Blogs: My sounding boards. My muses. More. Much Much more

Wish everyone a very happy 2007.