What better way to restart blogging than to start on the first day of the Cricket World Cup. When a billion dreams suddenly get in sync – dreaming of the same 11 men in blue doing well  – hoping, praying, cursing, laughing, crying, celebrating, mourning.

The day to day mundaneness melts away.  And for a month and a half, life itself in India and many other other parts transforms. For a month and a half – everything else is insignificant.

All that matters is the sound of a ball hitting the middle of the bat in an exquisite cover drive when Tendulkar is at the crease. Or the stumps being dislodged by a beautiful in-swinger.

And the dream. Like that fateful day in Lords, 1982.  That is indelibly imprinted in every Indian mind. That there will be these 15 men in blue, acting like babies holding a silver cup on April 28th 2007.

Go India! I am back to being a cricket fan!!!!!