So, India today started off its world cup campaign pretty much in the way it has played cricket in the recent past – by losing. Tendulkar failed ( no surprise there – maybe its time he retired, drove his imported Ferrari in pot-hole ridden roads of Mumbai and feel happy about the import duty he didnt have to pay for the car – and while he is at it, maybe work on his English – would be an important qualifier to get the job of the expert commentator on ESPN). Sehwag failed. ( As usual – nothing worth writing about Sehwag). Dravid failed ( well, atleast he does well every now and then). Dhoni failed – both with the bat and behind the wicket. Agarkar, as usual, failed at pretty much everything he partook in.

Ganguly scored a few runs – but very slowly – I think his primary motivation is to ensure everyone notices he scores when the rest of the team fails – and hence his position is solidified again. It was frankly useless to score runs at that pace for the team.

Unless something radically changes in India’s approach, drive, passion and frankly – ability – it would be a good time to start looking at 2011. Hopefully, by then, these guys who have milked the team for so long would be long gone – and we’d have something to look forward to.

Have rarely been as disgusted as this.