I have written an article on my personal blog about some of the larger forces that have caused Indian cricket to go down to the abysmal depths of performance that it has gone down to in the recent past. When I was growing up in New Delhi in the 1980’s and we would never win a medal in the Olympics, the common refrain and excuse was that India didnt have the resources to invest in sports training like the richer nations did.

Logic would have it that now that BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world, we would start showing surefire signs of improvements of atleast reaching the levels of consistent performance that Indian cricket fans have always dreamt about. Well, seems to me that we are headed in a diametrically opposite direction. ( and no, not just the loss to bangladesh today prompted me to say that. Remember the 4-1 drubbing a few months ago against a very mediocre West Indies team?)

So anyhow, if you read the blog posting listed above – you will see that it takes just two articles from an internet site which encompasses the two fundamental problems that plague Indian cricket. Actually its one problem impacting the two most critical stakeholders of Indian cricket – the players and the management (if you can call either that).

So a request dear fellow blogger – if you are as disgusted as I am about all this – please leave the url of your post on this topic in the comments. We shall all interlink – and if nothing else – I want to read about how disgusted my fellow bloggers are about all this.