We are officially out of the world cup.  And I am thankful. The Men in Blue (MIB) saved me the embarrassment of watching  us getting thrashed by any regular cricketing nation.  Now I can go and attribute our  stunted world cup trip to a really bad day against Bangladesh and  a regular day against Sri Lanka.  Isnt this what Dravid also said – alluding to  how the format in the last world cup allowed  playing atleast 5 matches.:)

I feel sorry for the Indian cricket team. Now, since they have to come back to their homes in Jharkhand, Mumbai, Hyderabad or whereverthefuck, they cant spend their well earned advertising and endorsement dollars on more hedonistic pursuits in the Carribean islands.

Well good thing is now atleast we shall see some real cricket in the tournament going forward. Some real talent hungry for success like Bangladesh, some absolutely arrogant pricks who also happen to be cricketing geniuses (Australia) , a bunch of great teams with wonderful potential ( South Africa, England) and the two teams who I shall root for with all my passion ( West Indies and Sri Lanka).

Go for it boys!

And as for you SehwagTendulkarGangulyDhoni etc. riff raff, go home and plot on how to stay on in this team so we can have more of this crap, in between shooting for your HondaPepsiVIPMarutiColgateLux endorsements.

And quit blaming Chappel, for god’s sake.