So finally the day is here – after a month and a half of mostly unexciting one sided cricket, huge upsets, a murder, questions about ticket prices and the lack of calypso in calypsoland, the final match of the world cup – between the supreme Aussies and the wonderfully entertaining Sri Lanka is currently underway.

One of those moments when one’s personal predispositions are in alignment from a purely pedantic cricketing excitement. Sri Lanka would have to play out of their skins to beat this Australian team – arguably the best I have ever seen, in terms of overall spread of talent, consistency and pure spunk. And if they do, the match would be the best cricket can offer as a spectator sport  – an underdog playing sublime cricket to beat the best cricketing team in the world.

If on the other hand, the Australians play the way they have been – with the mechanical precision and almost discernible disdain for the opponent – this will end up being yet another cricket match that Australia has been involved in – one sided – and frankly utterly boring and predictable.

So for the sake of cricket ( as also, for the sub-continental pride) – SL – play on. And for once, shut up the sometimes disgustingly loudmouthed  Australians.