Yet again. Was incognito for an extended while – and thought, finally, the time has come to return. To atleast make yet another attempt to getting back to updating this forum more regularly.

A lot has happened since my last post – India ignominiously  exited the World Cup( so did the Pakis), the Iraq surge is underway, any peace or sanity in Iraq is not, Mayawati has just won absolute power in Uttar Pradesh (which, ominously, could make her a serious contender for the Prime Ministership), Jerry Falwell is dead ( like Bill Maher says – some deaths are clearly not sad events:)), Paul Wolfowitz got kicked out of the World Bank presidency for unethical behaviour, the US Attorey General -Alberto Gonzalez is in pretty deep shit, Bush approval ratings are now officially in the 20s, the immigration bill in the United States might just get approved, Darfur goes on,  the Somalia refugee crisis is now officially even worse than the Darfur refugee crisis, Hamas and Hezbullah are at each others’ throats and the Palestinians might just have a civil war on their hands, the Lebanese are bombing a refugee camp – apparently to get Al Qaeda out, climate change (or global warming, depending on your political persuasion) is now a mainstream concept, the glaciers are melting – and the only to forget about what an absolutely unpleasant place the world has become (and a few other things), for me, is to read PG Wodehouse.

Anyways, hope to be back and write more often.