My first post from the machine I have been drooling for an inordinate amount of time – a platform I have wanted to learn for sometime – and now its finally on my lap. That’s right – a spanking new Macbook

Its an entirely new experience – not without the excitement I had expected – its beautifully built with a close attention to details one expects from Apple. Its got an absolutely wonderful display – bright and crisp with a glossy display, an unusual keyboard that I am still getting used to and an operating system that will take me a long time for me to get used to.

I have my ideas on how to use this machine in ways different than I use my IBM T43 – but I need to familiarize myself with the OS – and have my Windows impacted neural nerves process OS X specific messages.

Will keep the forum posted. Right now, I am just dabbling. But boy, is it sweet. And the Intel Duo is fast.

More later.

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