Having fiddled around with the mac for about 5-6 hours, I thought it would be an opportune time as any to post my updated thoughts.

First the machine – even though the macbook is a “consumer” laptop and not a “pro” machine – the Intel Dual Core processor fairly rips through most applications. As I mentioned yesterday, my first impressions are just reinforced. The machine itself is very well built and is a joy to use. Small things amaze me. For e.g – the thought that went into designing the power supply, the quality of the screen, the boot time. All amazing.

Then the OS. Obviously, I am very new to it – and have not really used most of the pre-installed applications. What was disappointing was to learn that I cant integrate Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger into iChat. Secondly, the more banal – having used Windows for so long – couldn’t really figure out how to install an application. I mean downloading from the web is fairly straightforward – but then there are issues I cant circumvent – I thought the .dmg files are akin to the .exe files in the windows world – but learnt that if I am to delete them – the apps stops working – maybe I am getting it entirely wrong – but need to figure it out.

There is a host of very interesting apps pre-installed in the macbook and there is no junk “trial period” software that Windows machines come with. Which is good.

All in all – its very shiny – but I still need to learn how to harness the OS properly. Will update as I go along.

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