Am getting more progressively familiar with Mac OS X. And the more I understand it, the more I like it. Its not the big things that one expects to bowl one over with the Mac. Its the small things – the small features.

Its the ease of use – not necessarily entirely new features. Its the feeling of more being more integrated. Its the general aesthetics of the OS – and yes, even third party apps. Small applications like Yahoo Messenger look so much better on the mac than they do on the PC.

I am not that big on multimedia. I dont take a lot of pictures. I do listen to music – but most of my music is on a FAT32 formatted hard drive. So I haven’t really tried a lot of the multimedia options.

Maybe I will make a website using iWeb and see how it goes.

But why I like it is because of the overall experience. Cant put a finger on the difference. Its just better.

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