So just to update from what I wrote about yesterday, I am afraid, the next stage of unrest has already begun. According to the Times of India, five people were killed in clashes between the Gujjars and Meenas today.

Again, according to TOI, the Meenas have threatened to launch their own agitation if the Gujjars are included as Scheduled Tribes in Rajasthan.

This is what Ayn Rand’s worst nightmares are composed of. One group trying to maintain its monopoly of being backward – to have a stranglehold over the multitude of reservations that the Indian government, in all its wisdom has decided to grant Scheduled Tribes. Another group also wants a piece of the pie of mediocre emancipation.

In a total anti-thesis of any semblance of a meritocracy – the reservation system is having exactly the opposite impact they were ostensibly set in place – for the emancipation of those sects of people who were historically exploited. Now – we have a situation where two historically exploited castes are fighting with one another about who should get the benefits and the freebies. Who wins in all this? The ones who can exploit the divisiveness – the politicians on both sides of the aisle.

To be updated as the events further unfold.

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