According to Times of India, the Army yesterday stopped thousands of armed Meenas from attacking Peepalkhera, a Gujjar village.

Increasingly, this is becoming more of an inter-caste issue between Meenas and Gujjars than a legitimate discussion about whether the Gujjars actually merit an ST designation.

With all the violence and the looming threat of even more – no matter what decision the government takes – it is only a matter of time before this thing blows up. One can only hope that sense prevails at the political level – there is no solution that would please everyone – but there can be a potential solution based on specific economic criteria tailored to the Gujjar community to ensure that the Gujjars who really do need the reservations (to the extent that reservations can help) based on some socio-economic criteria are actually eligible for the same level of reservations that they would, if the Gujjars were deemed as Scheduled Tribes.

Of course, that would be too easy a solution and wouldn’t help the leaders of the community. And hence this would end up being yet another messy, intractable and overtly emotional issue without any solution.

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