Radio VerveThere is a new internet radio station out of India – dedicated to supporting independent music of Indian artists and Bands. Its a novel concept – leveraging Web 2.0 and the huge possibilities of Internet broadcast streaming of media.

You can access the station by clicking here.

I went through the site – its very well built and works flawlessly. Currently, there are 7 broad categories of music – Rock, Gospel, Konkani, Metal, Easy, Classical and Folk.

But more than the music, its the concept that caught my eye. Its heartening to see Indian entrepreneurs using new and developing models of content delivery for delivering services hitherto unthought of.

According to the website, the core team seems to be fairly small – a group of 4 people. Again, one can only be heartened at the original, fresh thinking, the entrepreneurial instincts and drive.

Good work guys. Keep it up.

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