After multiple schedule changes, Palm has finally released the Treo 700p update. Currently, the only available update is for Sprint 700p Treos. The Verizon version is still awaited.

According to the Palm website, the enhancement is pretty extensive with improvements to improvements to the phone application, eliminate skipping during music playbacks, delays when using the web browser, DST, 4GB SD card and SDHC card support etc.

Installing the update is a fairly arduous process – hot syncing from my IBM T43 took around 45 minutes. And then, my Treo went into a continuous restart loop. Soft resets and Systems resets did not work – and eventually I had to resort to a hard reset deleting all the data.

In terms of performance gains – its too early to opine – I know I haven’t had dramatic performance improvements that I have noticed. On the other hand, I haven’t had any of those long inter-application switch times I have become used to while using the phone – especially when one of the applications happens to be Blazer.

I am going to start using my bluetooth headset soon – and will report on any performance improvements – if noticed.

I am just a little disappointed that Palm chose to release an update that has this issue of an endless reset loop after installation, especially after so many delays. I got out of it fairly easily (by a hard reset), but some users are talking about having to re-install applications like Google Maps. And worse, some others apparently have had to ditch their phones because the restart loop issue didnt go away even with a hard reset.

You can read more user comments here.

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