Found this brower called Flock recently. Now, I am a very avid Mozilla user and think it is pretty much the best browser in the market (Safari included). So it was only the hardcore tech fiddler in me that made me download it – and having used it for a cumulative period for about 45 minutes -I have enough thoughts for me to blog about it.

Now a couple of things – first, I am using a built-in functionality in Flock for “in-context” blogging from a particular web-page. Also, Flock, lets you drag and drop any image into a special area – where they are saved for future use. The image of Flock was dragged from the web page into that special area -and then dragged again into the page that pops up when you right click ( or Ctrl – Click on the Mac) and say Blog this from any page.

All in all pretty cool. The differentiator is integration with Yahoo! tools. For e.g. Flickr is seamlessly integrated and you can drag and drop images into your Flickr account. Awesome.

Apart from that, it has all the standards like Tabbed Browsing, a minimalistic GUI, RSS reader built in. It did freeze upon me once – and my untested assumption is that it happened because of a Java Applet running on one of the tabs.

More when I have tested this. But I am very impressed.

Meanwhile you can get more information by clicking below:

Flock Start Page

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