Chances are India shall have a female president – finally. Pratibha Patil, the governor of the state of Rajasthan is the Left-UPA candidate for the presidency. And chances are, she will win the two way election process against the current Vice President, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat.

She says she wont be a “rubber stamp” president, which is just as well – we need some moderating influence on our often maundering Members of Parliament. (How she would be anything but rubberstamp as a president however remains to be seen). So if she is ratified – India will have two women at two of the most visible political positions. Madam Gandhiji will have some company at those rarified heights of political prominence.

I wasn’t really aware of Pratibha Patil’s political track record – but it seems she has been involved in many ministerial positions of Social Welfare and Public Health. In my mind, an apt and appropriate record to come in as a Presidential candidate. Outlook Magazine’s website has a nice little article on her.

Next, we need an environmentalist as our President.