The hysteria of the impeding iPhone release is reaching monumental proportions both in the media and in the blogosphere. I, in my very close following of the tech and gadget scene, have never ever seen this mass feverish delirium about the impending release of a new product – any product – much less a phone.

So the iPhone is coming out on June 29th @ 6.00 pm local time. The phones will only be available in AT&T corporate stores ( and not the thousands of erstwhile Cingular franchisee stores).

According to a fan site, apparently, the AT&T stores fortunate enough to be anointed as carriers of these phones will be closed at 4.00 pm and customers asked to leave so the iPhone shipments can come in between 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm. Note that the phones are going to be shipped really close to launch time to prevent “unscrupulous employees from selling the phones before launch time”.

There are numerous countdown clocks all over the Internet counting down to the moment when the “Wireless Industry would be shaken up forever”. Accessory developers have already released covers, polishes and everything else imaginable for the iPhone. Discussion forums are abuzz with the latest enhancements that Apple announced yesterday including a better battery and a glass screen ( instead of the stock plastic).

And the hysteria seems self propagating. The more people are talking about it, the more hysteria there seems to be. This had better be a really good device without the customary Apple first release issues given that the iPhone had an almost unprecedented public testing for about 6 months.

On a more hilarious note check the video out below