I dont have a movie to watch. And I dont have any new DVDs at home. Much more of a serious issue is that I cant sit through a movie anymore.

Never a movie buff. I would rather read. But I have been trying to watch Hindi movies off-late and realize I need 2 -3 sittings to finish. I feel hungry, need to get a smoke, need to go for a walk, need to make calls. All in the middle of a movie. Because I am bored and frankly, I have an attention disorder. Besides, most movies I get are of rather mediocre quality.

2 exceptions in the recent past – Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi ( Such are my thousand desires….) and Woh Hota to Kaisa Hota (What if…). Lovely movies both. Multidimensional.

I am reading a book called ” A confederacy of dunces”. Its an absolutely hilarious book about this 35 year old fat man who lives with his mother. Cant think of any better way to describe it. But hilarious.

But I bought it because I read the foreword – the author, John Kennedy Toole, a Columbia English grad and a professor at University of Southwestern Louisiana – committed suicide at the age of 33. The book got published posthumously, thanks to a very persistant mother and a professor of English at Loyola she hunted down till he read the yellowed type written pages.

And then it won the Pulitzer Prize.

And why he committed suicide – I guess, some stories, are never published. Not even posthumously.