Haven’t had a chance to update this forum for a while. Lots of reasons. But suffice to say, it can be loosely classified as an extreme case of mental stultification.

Back. Or trying to be. The world hasn’t changed radically. Atleast holistically. The iPhone was released on June 29th. In some quarters, it is a fundamentally transformational event. But on the other hand, the icecaps are still happily melting away ( this is more of a metaphor than an intellectually debated point – there’s loads of theories), innocent people, women and children are dying in Iraq and around the world, doctors are taking to running burning cars into airports in humorously amateurish attempts of terrorism.

Yours truly is still alive. And trying to kick fate’s backside to turn it around. We shall overcome one day! Like the waves of the oceans eventually turning stones into sand. All one needs is belief. And conviction. So my fate, too, one day, shall be transformed.

Enough of a nonsensical post. I just wanted to get started again. I know writing crap helps to get the neurons moving again.

PS: One thing, I DO remember – Tony Blair is Prime Minister no more. He has resigned. And lots of Britons are, apparently, relieved.