I know I haven’t really blogged here lately. A few factors:

  1. I find it easier to blog on this forum when I am in a kind of mood where I can ratiocinate more easily – lately for the good or for the bad, things haven’t been particularly easy for the author/
  2. There is only so much one can write about recurring things in the political world. About the US presidential debate. About Iraq. About the healthcare crisis. Or whatever.
  3. I haven’t really found anything stimulating enough. Or stimulated enough

All in all, lack of drive, lack of stimulants. Lack of many things that is called for intelligent writing.

Hopefully, it will all come back soon. BTW, the one thing I did want to write a line about was the iPhone. A friend of mine recently got one. I stood with very senior execs of a competing cell phone provider, marveled at the interface, the build and the sheer class of the device and wondered why the hell the churn of of all the competing companies have suddenly gone up.

Fishes. Till an epiphany.

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