Shambo the bull has TB. And hence the officials of Wales want to kill him because he is a threat to lifestock. Only problem is Shambo the bull is a “sacred” animal in the local temple there and the local Hindus are up in arms against the slaughtering of the bull. Fair enough. Hinduism considers all life divine and hence they wouldn’t be complicit in the execution.

Problem is, apparently its accepted practice in the UK to slaughter all livestock found with bovine TB. So I guess the purveyors of our great religion in the UK dont see that as a problem as their sacred Shambo is saved. I guess some bulls are more equal than others.

And Shambo leads my thoughts to wander to the hundreds and thousands of stray cows and bulls roaming around the cities and towns in the birthplace of Hinduism – Hindustan. Of course, our religion doesn’t allow for killing sacred animal – hence our recourse is to just let them be – block traffic, dirty roads, eat garbage, get kicked around – till one day they fall and die.

After all, they are sacred.