After the Macbook, the iPhone, now its the turn of the iMacs. Yesterday Apple refreshed its iMac line of desktops.

Some of the updates were pretty predictable – Intel Core 2 Duo processors ( the same line of Intel processors that now power Apple’s entire line of laptops – both the Macbook and Macbook Pro). There are 2 monitor sizes – two 20 inch and a 24 inch model. All the standard Apple jazz is included – iSight, iLife, Superdrive CD/DVD drives.

The one radical change is the new slim keyboard– modeled after the Macbook keyboard – recessed keys built into the body. Looks very very good – and I would imagine – since the form factor is similar to the keyboard – it would solve a primary irritant for a lot of people (author included) who work interchangeably on both a laptop and a desktop – adjusting to one keyboard and then the other.

Design and aesthetics are trademark Apple – very Euro chic. Its built out of a single sheet of Aluminum – and according to the Apple website, there are no exposed screws save one at the bottom for access to the RAM slots.

Having worked on an Apple for a while now – I have to say that the overall Apple experience is substantially superior to Windows – both from an OS standpoint ( as a data point, my Macbook averages about 25 seconds to startup) and from the standpoint of bundled software – the out of the box Apple iLife software suite is actually usable. There aren’t any shareware bundled (apart from a trial iWorks suite) and in my informal impressions during the last 3-4 months – seems to be a lot more stable – only expected from a Unix based OS.

Now,only if I could get one of these goodies!