So President Bush decided not to raise the gas tax in the force-able future. He’s worried about the economy. And by extension, the working class American. And hence no debate can be brooked in this space lest one ires Mr. Dobbs of CNN – that tireless champion of middle class working America- and his ilk. Which of course, would imply, one would have to tolerate the venerable Mr. Dobbs, finger on the chin, condescendingly argue with his invited guests on this topic, every evening.
Dont get me wrong – I’m all for no-taxes -actually I’m for the government subsidizing gas so we can go our own merry ways buying those SUV’s with 500 horses. While we slowly choke the world. Who cares? As long as I have my oversized tyres and suspension.

Its for the EU anyways to raise asinine questions like carbon emission quotas, Kyoto protocols and limiting greenhouse gases. And Al Gore. But since good old Al isnt running for president ( and by definition, isnt discussing earth-shatteringly important topics like the role of gays in the military), who cares for him?

Thank you Mr. Bush. While Ford Motors is still struggling like a fish trying to breathe on the top of Mt. Everest, let me get their latest, biggest, meanest, baddest Explorer. And spew out as much carbon monoxide as ten thousand of those unlucky Somalis do in a year – on my weekly trip to Walmart ( but that’s to buy cheap “communist China-made” goods – now Mr. Dobbs is really going to be pissed:) )

And then, let me come up with a study funded by some conservative think tank, which in turn is funded by Exxon Mobile – to say, really, the problem is China and India. And Somalia. For cutting down all the trees.

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