Sprint-Nextel announced 2 new products today –

1. Location based search: Per Engadget, Sprint has released a Microsoft Live location based search product. Apparently, it will initially work with Sprint’s top line of phones. Cool thing is it enables a user to speak the search terms instead of typing it in. And then it uses the inbuilt GPS positioning built into every phone to personalize the search for your current location.

2. Airave: More excitingly, Sprint is releasing a consumer device to be connected to your high speed modem which will enable users to use VoIP for unlimited calling. The device, technically called a femtocell, will enable Sprint subscribers to improve indoor home coverage and talk unlimited within the coverage area. The service will cost $ 15.00 per month and will significantly undercut all VoIP offerings from players like Vonage and Comcast. A value-differantiator of huge proportions from the other wireless providers till they catch up.

Currently only released in Denver, the device, called Airave will be rolled out nationwide next year.

That would be an appropriate time for me to kick of Comcast Triple Play!