As most who have ever followed the blog would know – I am very impressed with my recently acquired MacBook. From someone whose primary OS experience has been Windows of various stripes, HP-UX and Solaris – as a purely personal computer – the OS X seemed just so much better, so evolved.

So when Leopard came out this friday – I was seriously thinking about upgrading. Would have been my absolute first OS purchase – I even considered it because of my experience with Tiger – but then pulled back – because iLife ’07 isnt included and frankly , as much as I like the new  features – notably Time Machine – it  didnt seem worth upgrading on a 4 month Operating System.

So anyhow, was browsing the web and came across this article. One of the most thoughtful and balanced Windows vs. Mac articles I have read. Minus the Apple Fanboy or Win Mob fanatical obsession.  Absolutely great read.