Mushi having cavalierly declared a state of emergency in Pakistan, the US Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morell immediately came out to say that American aid to Pakistan would not stop.

Condy Rice came out with a few statements late Saturday tepidly criticized Pakistan – the usual tripe on how “extra-constitutional” actions were “detrimental”. George Bush has been silent.

Americans have maintained their record of being brazenly hypocritical around “spreading democracy” on one hand and maintaining close unconditional relationship with dictatorships all over the world.

One can try to understand America’s imperatives – what with Osama hiding somewhere is the north-west regions of Pakistan, a Talibani resurgence and all that. But it would be yet another myopic move for America to unconditionally continuing to support Mushy – given how utterly unpopular he is. America stands to gain much in the Pakistani mindshare – if it were to unilaterally and unconditionally oppose Musharraf. And ultimately, support of the Pakistani people is imperative for attaining the American goals of containing Islamic radicalism and the Taliban.

Dictatorships, a stifled media, lack of freedom of social expression and speech and unbalanced economic development are ultimately what leads young people to take to religious radicalism – America would do well to support the vast majority of Pakistanis to criticize the imposition of this Emergency.