There has been a number of rather hilarious rumors floating around in Pakistan after the imposition of emergency in Pakistan:

  •  Mushi is under house arrest himself – apparently locked up by his sub-ordinates. Apparently, the kind of president that Mushy is, he came out “strongly” against such rumors and called it ” a joke of the highest order”. Go figure.
  • Imran Khan, who was really placed under house arrest yesterday has apparently escaped in the dead of night – this rumor has not been categorized as a joke by the great president.
  • Apparently, Bhutto – that tainted ex-PM who very cynically forged an agreement with Mushy in not-such-a-secret meeting – before Mushy screwed her (metaphorically, baba!) by imposing Emergency (not such a surprise given his illustrious track record – Kargil, Taliban turnaround etc.) – is apparently the real leader.

As is wont in the sub-continent culture,  people cynical and tired of powerplay machinations tend to make the most uncomfortable things more palatable by masking it in humor. Guess, this is what it is as well.

For once, I feel bad for the people of Pakistan.